c3checksum is a very simple AppleScript droplet application for Macs that does only one thing: verify a MD5/SHA1/SHA256 file checksum.

c3checksum ScriptI have always been a software nut. Constantly trying new apps. Obviously unless you trust the source a new app comes from you need to take precautions. The first line of defense is verifying the file checksum of what you just downloaded matches what the author states, to insure no one has hijacked the site and placed malware there instead. Over the years of periodic searching I've not yet found a simple and FREE app that simply performs this task without a lot of effort. So c3checksum was born out of that frustration.

Technical Requirements

This is a Mac ONLY app. It runs on El Capitan (10.11.6), High Sierra (10.13.6) and Big Sur (11.5.1). Depending on differences in versions of AppleScript, it may or may not run properly on a different version. If you discover a version it doesn't run on past El Capitan please let me know.

How To Install And Use

Set up is relatively simple.

  1. Un-zip the file and place the c3checksum.app in any folder you desire.
  2. Create a shortcut for this app to your desktop or dock by dragging it in Finder to either location.
  3. Drag and drop the file you wish to verify on to the shortcut/dock icon.
  4. You will be asked to enter the expected hash value. Simply copy and paste, click OK.
  5. You’ll then get a simple message saying the file doesn’t match the expected checksum or that it does match.

The app does not display the checksum value of the file itself. It could, I just removed that step to keep it as simple and fast as possible. If there's interest in having that I'll consider adding it back in. Also it currently ONLY supports the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 protocols. If there's a need to add more I'll consider it. The entire point of this app is just to be stupid simple, and so it is.


This app is provided for your use for FREE. It is provided with NO warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Use at your own risk. If you make a change or feel a change must be made please contact me.

If you like and use this app please consider making a donation HERE.


SHA256 for this zip file: 424c15b24c7688642fd2fae6a5f04506964ebaeb482cf1a962367a1ff10de361

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